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" My workflow for "bread & butter" posterior CEREC restorations. "


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Case Review: Single Central Incisor Part One

Restoring a single maxillary incisor presents the greatest blend challenge with dentistry...

Most Efficient Way to Color Zirconia

Even with the multi zirconia options of Katana and ZirCAD Multi, in my hands,...

Glaze & Stain Multi Layered Zirconia Technique

With zirconia, I use glaze and stain only for subtle highlight surface characteristics...

Finishing ZirCAD Multi Green Zirconia

Finishing zirconia when it comes out of the milling unit is referred to as zirconia in...

Shaping & Polishing a Crystallized e.max CEREC Restoration

Texturing and luster polishing a ceramic or composite will create the finishing touch for...

Anterior Empress Multi Polishing Technique

Empress has been a predictable and highly aesthetic material in my clinical theater for...

Primescan & Material Update

Update info on Primescan, zirconia, and plans for what I will be doing here online at the...

CEREC Composite Restorative Applications & Polishing Technique

The CEREC community is experiencing an exponential addition of new CAD/CAM materials. The...

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