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Restoring a single maxillary incisor presents the greatest blend challenge with dentistry in the smile zone. When the adjacent teeth are in good shape, I stay conservative.  With chairside CAD/CAM using the Dentsply Sirona system, the Copy and Mirror is my preferred design approach creating a "DNA form and shape" by copying the adjacent central.  The next step is choosing the ceramic that blends best for the case. Since the ceramic and cement refractory behavior will change once cemented, so will the value and blend. In my blend theater, I prefer placing a transitional restoration that is machined with the projected ceramic and luting

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One of the features in CEREC I appreciate the most is designing and creating customized abutment/crown one or two piece restorations.  CEREC 4.52 has been a smooth acquisition, design, and production process for implant restorations. Have been very pleased!  One hassle for implant/abutment in CEREC 4.6 has been minimal thickness defaults and not being able to modify the metric settings for unique implant design and milled cases.  As a result, some cases cannot be milled.  This hassle in 4.6 has been frustrating for me. However, I did keep 4.52 on my system which has been seamless for implant design and production.  So my go-to CEREC

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Welcome to the Klim Institute online education and training.  We are privileged to serve you with our online educational campus.  We are viewed in over 150 countries.  This number demonstrates how committed we are to providing quality, timely, and meaningful online content.  We invite you to ask questions and respond with your comments either on our Ask Dr. Klim Forum, Message feature for member communication, and encouraging comments below every video.  We upload new content videos each week that stay current with digital technology and related products and respond to asked questions.  We are also growing our online CE.  The

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This video shows my full approach for taking upper and lower full arch scans and mounting them with a bilateral buccal scan.  This has been the one Achilles heel with the chairside software until now.  Now that we have auto-mounting in the Acquisition screen with the buccal scan, we can now get in both sides of the arch for a full seating of the models.  Ninety percent of all impressions including study models are taken with the chairside software in my practice.  Technique for the full arch scan is critical to make this approach work.  

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With the current milling algorithms and bur options, we can mail “pressable” mills. This video documents my optimal milling techniques. View Video

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Training camp is about refining the basics.  This video is my bread and butter success factor for my posterior CEREC restorations. View Video

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The 4.5 software is here.  I love the upgraded margin clarity and refined mills.  However, the software does crash a bit.  Unless you have a recent computer tower,  you may need to upgrade to make this software work. Sorry!  However, this software is the closest I have seen in performance to 3.85 since introducing the 4.0 platform.  View my intro video.  There is a general overview for each section of the software in the 4.5 Software Channel.  More videos will be coming soon in the 4.5 Channel.   View 4.5 Overview Video

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CEREC users now have the option to Mill or Grind.  In addition, new machining algorithms are providing smoother internal mills for both Bluecam and Omnicam users.  With smoother internal machining performance, users will have

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Current Klim 4.3 SW recommended parameters for Crown, Inlay/Onlay, Veneer, Bridge, Articulation, and Implant applications. View Video