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IPS Ivocolor is a universal stains and glaze assortment for the individualized staining and characterization of ceramic materials. The range of products has been coordinated with the layering, press and CAD ceramics from Ivoclar Vivadent and the zirconium oxides from Wieland Dental and can be used regardless of the CTE of the ceramic. Due to the optimized sinter temperature of the newly developed glass, optimum esthetic results can be achieved irrespective of the ceramic substrate. 

The newly developed composition of the pastes was optimized with regard to the application behaviour and the firing results. The gel-type structure of

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We may choose multiple capture catalogs in the Acquisition  Phase Screen. For instance, we are able to add the opposing arch catalogs and  buccal scan to BioCopy (new name for Correlation). The catalog screen options in  4.0 are impressive.

The buccal optical bite registration is the corner  stone to occlusal mastery. Dr. Klim will review his approach to accomplishing  predictable and repeatable buccal scan success and results.

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...a quick introduction to the CEREC Liftoff Message Center...Here's why I decided to present the CEREC Liftoff Webcast Book Series:  Based on my own experiences in the profession for many years, I wanted to pass on the joy that CEREC has brought into my life, and I wanted to share my real life CEREC experiences and key formulas to my success. Here in the CEREC Liftoff Message Center, I'll give out additional information about CEREC as it becomes available, with a focus on the latest and best techniques, and updated software features.  Stay tuned as we continue to learn the